Molecular Imaging Research Centre

Director of Research: Professor Steve Archibald

Head of Medical Physics: Professor Andrew Beavis

Operational Manager: Sally-Ann Randerson

Facility to open in Autumn 2020



  • GE GENtrace Cyclotron – F18 & C11 production
  • GE TRYGG hot cell – FDG production
    • FASTlab synthesis module
    • KLAR dispensing unit
  • Tema Synergie Gallia – Ga68 tracer production
    • Gallium generator
    • iPhase MultiSyn
  • Tema Synergie Synth-2L hot cell – F18/C11 tracer production
    • TRACERlab / FASTlab modules
  • Tema Synergie Flex-DC dispensing hot cell
    • μ-DDS dispensing unit
  • 3x Tema Synergie Research Hot Cells