PET Research Centre

The University of Hull PET Research Centre aims to validate novel  PET radiotracers and enable their translation into the clinic, as well as extend the application of existing PET radiotracers to the management of disease.


Isotope Production

  • ABT Biomarker Generator Cyclotron (F18)
  • iThemba Ge68/Ga68 Generator (Ga68)
  • Curium Mo99/Tc99m Generator (Tc99m)


  • Sedecal Super Argus PET-CT scanner
  • Mediso NanoSPECT-CTPlus scanner


  • 2x Aquila Nuclear Engineering Custom Research Hot Cells
  • Wallac Wizard II Automatic Gamma Counter
  • Radio-HPLC
  • LC-MS
  • Radio-TLC
  • Ion Chromatography